NPM digital is the in-house digital agency of north point ministries.

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Digital PRODUCT development

We've designed and built 130 digital products in use by over 100 ministries across over 70 churches. Our repertoire includes websites, online systems, and mobile apps that support ministries like yours to help you maximize your influence.
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digital MARKETING AND communication

Last year we sent over 6 million emails in over 2,000 individual communication campaigns. With text messaging as an addition to our toolset, we're passionate about helping you send comprehensive and cohesive communication campaigns.
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Digital products are never "done". They endure cyber attacks every day and they start to degrade the moment they launch. That's why we work proactively to maintain the sites and systems we've built so they function efficiently and securely well into the future. When content is out of date or errors occur, we quickly turn around updates so you can get back to doing what you do best.
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